March 22nd - Ginger Hill

American Giant

 April 5th - Whiskey Rhythm

Christian Beck Band

April 12th - Xlerators

Christian Beck Band

April 19th - The Hangar

Christian Beck Band

April 26th - Black Horse Trail

Christian Beck Band



I'm the sound guy

WELCOME!!!  We are located in the Connellsville Community Center (which also houses a swimming pool, 800 seat theatre, full size indoor basketball court, art studio, and much more)in room 311, while your here checking us out online, browse what we have to offer to musicians.  Recording services, Live Sound Reinforcement, Live Recording, Rehearsal Space, Lessons and more!!!  Get ahold of us at 724-420-4300 or email at Thanks for dropping in!!!

Welcome to

Backwards Production Studio

  • I Used to Love You5:19
  • Melt the Moon - D.R.C.2:12
  • im frustrated1:39
  • extremanomicon0:00
  • Wrong0:00

Below are some tracks recorded at B.P.S.

The first track "I Used to Love You" by Pencilfish the most recent addition!  Check 'em all out

Backwards Production Studio working on lots of stuff right now!!!  Just finished up a session with Pencilfish, check out their song "I Used to Love You" in the player above!!!  We currently are laying tracks with Heavan Bound and have sessions upcoming with Michael Blackstone, Couch Surfer, Shadows of Eve and of course the live sound reinforcement with The Christian Beck Band, Hugo Down, and American Giant!